Startup supports young entrepreneurs

The Chinese word for "crisis" consists of two characters: danger and opportunity. These two ideas inspired Saman Pouyanmehr to create an international startup to help young people start their own business endeavors. A graduate of Beijing's University of International Business and Economics, Pouyanmehr started the Global Foundation of Young Entrepreneurs based on his vision for creative business and experimental education. Now in its second year, the startup employs young professionals from 22 c

Iowans recall 1991 shooting on Twitter

In response to Covering a Tragedy: The UI’s 1991 Shooting, Daily Iowan readers spoke out on Twitter, recalling their whereabouts during the attack and remembering loved ones. ‘My wife and I were on campus this tragic day. We will never forget it’, tweeted Brad Stovie. Others like John Deeth remember the moments as they unfolded: ‘Not in this story but I was live on air at @IowaPublicRadio when shooting happened’. Molly Walker, Cleary’s neighbor at the time, tweeted in remembrance of Cleary an

Reader comments: Week of 12/3/17

“I remember my dad telling me that when he was a Sigma Chi pledge, at the U of I, his pledge class was sent on a scavenger hunt at the Oakland Cemetery and one of the clues they were given was to look under the wings of an angel,” wrote one reader. “Was probably this [statue].” “To deconstruct your race is to examine how your race has impacted/influences/shape your experience of the world,” wrote Joseph Stiefel. “Why is that controversial?” War against ‘War on Christmas’ grinds on (Julie Shana

"HEART IT RACES": Dr. Dog vs. Architecture in Helsinki

The original is not a light listen. Its first 30 seconds give way to a tribal, strangely ethnographic myriad of violent vocals. Tribal undertones in yelling “Heart it races” are abrasive, gritty, and unfiltered. But its pulsating beat is hypnotic and playful all the same, with darkly humorous lyrics: “I sold it to a man and threw him out the window / He went / boom da da da da boom da da da da / Made his wife a widow.” CUT TO DR. DOG, a Pennsylvanian neo-rock band that built their limelight wit